Fairgrounds Revitalization Project

In 2023, we were able to build a magnificent overhead grandstand structure.  Along with it, we were able to completely rebuild the arena, chutes and pens.  We installed the metal framework for an impressive crows nest.  We accomplished so much.  Unfortunately, due to the crazy inflation of material prices, we could not quite stretch the money far enough to complete the bleachers under our grandstand.  This step is arguably the most important step.  If you attended the CM Russell Stampede in July of 2023, you saw just what an impact this project and the shade made to the event.  You also saw a few hundred people who were not able to enjoy the shade.  Please help us change that. 

Adopt a Bleacher Fundraiser

Solidify your place in the Fairground Revitalization Project by purchasing a bleacher row.  Your name will be engraved on a plate and installed onto that bleacher row when they are built.  First come first serve.  You may select which row you want based on the illustration below.  Full row is $7,500 and half row is $4,000. ad

How to make your purchase:
  1. Pick out which row you want to purchase.
  2. Contact any of the following individuals: Ollie Urick (406-868-9421), Powell Becker (406-390-3954), Dawnita Sampsel (406-799-2379) or Karen Latka (406-459-8945).
  3. Fill out an adopt a bleacher pledge form with information on how you want your name to appear.
  4. Deliver your check.
  5. Sit back and watch history be made knowing you are a part of it.
Stanford Open is a 501(c)(3) corporation. You donation should be tax deductible, but please consult your accountant. Please note, your donation and purchase of a row does not mean you are reserving those seats for events. This is a donation towards completing the project.

Stanford Open is a non profit group organized to benefit the communities in Judith Basin County. In 2020, we decided to use the proceeds from the annual golf tournament to try to revitalize and improve the fairgrounds arena. There has been little to no improvements over the years. Our group saw this as an opportunity to make substantial improvements that may not come around again. The fairgrounds is the only venue we have here in Judith Basin County to host events. If we do not act now to preserve and improve this facility for the future, we risk losing it for the future generations. These events are the life of our communities. In comparison to other county fairgrounds in surrounding counties of similar size, Judith Basin County lags behind significantly. Central Montana is an area people are attracted to. Those people should see vibrancy in Judith Basin County.

You can make a difference…